What is Immersive Entertainment?

Simply put, immersive entertainment is storytelling where the boundary between audience and environment is indistinct or erased.

Free Range Humans specializes in site-specific immersive entertainment - experiences that transform our relationship to a specific place.

The spectrum of immersive entertainment runs from completely analog live experiences to completely constructed digital worlds. Here are a few stops along the way...

Site-Specific Theatre


The action happens around you, in an environment that immerses you in the story.

The Broadway musical THE GREAT COMET was a site-specific story, for which a Broadway theatre was completely reimagined as an opulent Russian salon.

This is where we're starting—MURDER BALLAD is a story told by a bartender, who conjurs the characters from McClintock Distillery's textured, bar-like atmosphere.

Installation Storytelling


You wander through the story, experiencing it in your own order and at your own pace, exploring a constructed environment where a mix of objects, actors, and media piece together the story.

Off-Broadway installation SLEEP NO MORE tells the story of Macbeth in an artfully reimagined boutique hotel, where you follow characters living out the story or strike off on your own to explore.

We're developing a piece called CONVERGENCE that takes Frederick's history of being a crossroads and extrapolates outward in both time and space.

Augmented & Mixed Reality


You experience a digital overlay and reality at the same time, whether through a phone or tablet that interacts with your environment, or through a device such as the Hololens or upcoming Magic Leap.

Pokemon Go in AR mode puts little critters for you to catch all over the world. You can even do a selfie with Pikachu on your shoulder.

We are developing a framework for historical sites to bring history to life through compelling narrative inspired by real people and events.

Virtual Reality


Through headsets, motion sensors, and other devices, the real world falls away and you are transported somewhere completely other.

From Oculus to Google Cardboard, VR headsets are becoming commonplace, but installation-style VR experiences take it to a whole new level. In the Ghostbusters experience by The Void, you put on a proton pack and walk through the city hunting ghosts.

We hope to eventually develop a venue that will showcase the best in independent virtual reality storytelling and include a hyper-reality experience.