What makes an event a Free Range Humans event?

Compelling Storytelling ♦️ Immersive ♦️ Shared ♦️ Creatively Stimulating ♦️ Professional

Stories That Move

The tools we choose to use support those values, and can range from a traditional theatre approach to installation art to augmented reality. We want to play with the great technology coming out in interesting ways, but that is always secondary to making sure we are serving the story and our values.

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Elizabeth Lucas

Producing Artistic Director

Elizabeth Lucas is a director, producer, and serial creative entrepreneur currently launching the new company Free Range Humans, producing story-driven immersive entertainment, from site specific theatre to virtual reality.

She most recently served as the Producing Artistic Director of New Spire Arts, a new performing arts venue and education facility in downtown Frederick, MD. She launched the organization from the ground up, including vision, branding, contracts, legal structures, PR, marketing, and programs.

For more information and to view her portfolio, visit elizabethlucas.com.


Join us...

Are you a creator interested in immersive entertainment? We are looking for like-minded artists and technicians of all types. Send us a resume and links to your portfolio.