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McClintock Distilling | June 2018

I was thrilled to see this type of creative talent and endeavor in Frederick. I will be coming to every production you put on and invite my friends.

I was lucky enough to be in the audience for the first performance. I quickly was drawn in and emotionally committed to the show. The performance level was very high. Free Range Humans is a very welcome addition to the Frederick arts scene.

Risqué, engaging, and full of magnetic life that draws you inexplicably down the darkened path of these characters, Murder Ballad is a thrilling musical shocker that sets a high bar for Free Range Humans as its first production.

Amanda N. Gunther / Theatre Bloom

It was wonderful! Loved the immersive experience and the really distinct setting. The cast was incredible. All around really impressed I found theatre of this caliber in Frederick. Thank you.

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Stage Manager
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Music Director
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