Free Range Humans redefines the limits of theatrical experience by immersing audiences and participants in stories and locations that fire the imagination, celebrate the human search for meaning, and awaken our sense of communal storytelling through exhilarating productions and inspirational creator-based performing arts education accessible to all.

What makes an event a Free Range Humans event?

Compelling ♦️ Immersive ♦️ Shared ♦️ Creatively Stimulating ♦️ Professional

Stories That Move


Our work is story-driven narrative, meant to engage, excite, and delight.


Immersive entertainment removes the boundary between the audience and the story. Immersive is a wide umbrella that includes everything from escape rooms to murder mystery dinner parties to virtual reality.


We value communal events, meant to be experienced, talked about, and processed as a group.


With a firm foundation in film, theatre, music, and dance, and an exploratory approach to how technology can be applied to telling a story, we aren’t concerned with the boundaries between art forms, and instead choose to let the story dictate how it should be told.


To draw on the best available regional talent, we compensate Artists for their time and commute. are skilled craftspeople who deserve to be paid for their work. We believe a “professional” environment implies that everyone is making at least minimum wage.

I was thrilled to see this type of creative talent and endeavor in Frederick. I will be coming to every production you put on and invite my friends.

I was lucky enough to be in the audience for the first performance. I quickly was drawn in and emotionally committed to the show. The performance level was very high. Free Range Humans is a very welcome addition to the Frederick arts scene.

This evening was a delightful, sentimental, and thrilling treat to experience the amazing music of the incomparable Patsy Cline...Having the gift of experiencing an intimate yet comprehensive journey through the life and music of one of the most tragic losses of a generation is priceless.

Mark Briner / Theatre Bloom

Risqué, engaging, and full of magnetic life that draws you inexplicably down the darkened path of these characters, Murder Ballad is a thrilling musical shocker that sets a high bar for Free Range Humans as its first production.

Amanda N. Gunther / Theatre Bloom

“People buy tickets because of the Patsy Cline name and love of her music, but then you come back again because the story of these two women is so beautiful and strong and fun to see.”

Elizabeth Lucas / Director

It was wonderful! Loved the immersive experience and the really distinct setting. The cast was incredible. All around really impressed I found theatre of this caliber in Frederick. Thank you.

I have never seen anything like it!! I loved it!! So intense and emotionally charged!! Awesome cast!!